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Grow herbs—the easy way!

bundle of parsley thyme mint and cilantro

If you love jazzing up your meals with lots of different herbs, but don’t always have the time (or budget) to keep them in stock…grow your own! Review our list of the best herbs to get your garden started:

Easy to grow and appealing to many, this herb will sprout quickly and be ready for picking within a few weeks. Clip the fresh leaves to enjoy in salad or on pizza.

This is another easy-to-grow herb that will add spice to your favorite Italian-inspired dishes. Once the stems are about 4 inches tall, you can start harvesting.

Simple to start from a seed or a seedling, parsley is also packed with vitamin C. Both the curly and flat-leaf varieties boast more vitamin C than an orange per weight.

This herb is best planted in full sun and picked before the plant flowers.

One of the earliest herbs cultivated for culinary use, cilantro regenerates itself easily. Simply pinch the flowers off the plants to preserve the flavor.

Make sure to separate this fast-growing herb from others to avoid it taking over your whole garden.

Starting with these six herbs offers a well-rounded selection for cooking. As you begin, be sure to use a soil mix specific for indoor growing, and don’t overwater your herbs. The little bit of effort required up front to grow your own herbs will pay big flavor dividends later!

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